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How to Make Money From Australian Football Betting and Odds

Australian Football, fondly referred to as Aussie Rules, is a fast-paced, high-scoring, addictive and hard-hitting sporting spectacle. The betting industry that operates within the Australian sports arena is huge and legally functions.

To profit from Australian Rules gambling, visit a website that assists you in putting together a winning strategy in place. You should always bet on a team with favorable odds, even if it is the underdogs. Bets and their sizes must be carefully chosen, so they guarantee long-term returns.

A physical sport like Australian Rules may reflect inconsistent trends as teams battle it out. With every match, their game style evolves, and at times they may look stronger against one opponent than with others.

Take into consideration team scores over the football season and view the broader picture. Point percentages are very revealing as even an underdog with a substantial percentage is worth backing than the top favorite team.

Australian Football Betting Considerations

A strategic bet involves taking into account the listed aspects:

  1. Odds that may go against your perception of a winning team
  2. Scoring higher points and not necessarily more goals takes a team to victory
  3. Extra time is only played for final matches wherein a clear winner is a must
  4. Otherwise, tied scores at the end of a game result in a draw
  5. Key performance statistics that cover parameters like:
  • Points directly scored from forced turnovers
  • Contested possession wins
  • Marks inside the attacking 50m arc
  • Opposition scores allowed each time the opponent enters the 50m arc
  • Total metres gained differential

Money Making Tips

Follow the enumerated guidelines to make money from Aussie Rules betting and odds:

Assess the Team’s Recent Form

All sporting teams go through good and bad patches, so you need to keep an eye on the team gaining momentum. The value bet strategy studies the recent form of teams and corresponds with odds placed by bookmakers.

Monitor Fitness Levels of Star Performers

Given the physical nature of this brutal sport, player injuries are a common phenomenon. Your betting strategy must factor in the fitness of the team’s star performers.

If any of them have been injured in the recent past, monitor the extent of damage caused and their recovery. You will then know whether they are still dealing with the consequences of the injury or it’s all behind them.

Research Past Matches

Past head-to-head encounters are very revealing as their respective finishes place before you ground realities. When the result works equally in favour of the competing teams, look for home advantage scenarios. Playing at home is a massive advantage for the local team and must compel you to adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

Researching past games will also give you insights into the goals scored. You also get inputs on how long it takes a particular team to begin scoring after the match gets underway. All this gives you more constructive data on which to place your bets.

Although betting strategies can be tricky, calculated risks do yield favorable results . Lean on a leading and experienced Australian Rules bookmaker, so your gamble generates money.

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