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More Stimulus Checks: Here’s What It Might Look Like (If It Happens)

As unyielding as Democratic lawmakers are that this would aid American families, their Republican counterparts are far from onboard.

Here’s What You Need to Remember: Calls for periodic outflows have not been limited to Democratic members of Congress. Over 100 economists, including former Obama administration official Jason Furman, signed a letter last year advocating for regular direct payments said National Interest.

The fourth round of direct federal incentive payments continues. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-D) recently reiterated her support for this program, saying she will make possible efforts to send additional payments to Americans.

Rep. Watson Coleman pointed highlighted the benefits of the first three rounds of stimulus payments, saying that these payments “gave people some breathing room and it gave people a sense of some stability,” while in a conflict that the pandemic has been overwhelming for many families across the country.

Watson Coleman is vocally supporting further direct stimulus payments. At the end of the Trump era, Congress allowed $600 of the second-round payment, whilst Democrats argued that the amount was so low. Democrats introduced the American Relief Plan in March for the third round, containing stimulus checks worth up to $1,400.

In January, Democratic representatives specified support for regular monthly stimulus payments instead of the periodic payment. Members of Democrats in the House of Representatives signed a letter to President Biden and Vice President Harris, advocated for monthly payments for the duration of the pandemic. Democrats in the Senate have also called on the President to pursue recurring payments, with a group of 21 Democratic Senators led by Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (OR-D) authoring a similar letter.

Harris has also formerly indicated support for regular stimulus payments, but Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-D) called for monthly $2,000 payments.

Only Democratic members of Congress are not in favor of the call for payments. Over 100 economists, last year including Jason Furman, signed a letter advocating for regular direct payments. Millions of Americans have also demonstrated support for regular payments, with one online petition calling for recurring $2,000 payments garnering over 2 million signatures.

Will it Happen?

As the current economic condition, the payments look unlikely to happen soon. Republicans are not in its support and it appears unlikely that such a proposal would find sufficient support among the at least 10 Republican Senators that would be needed to prevent a filibuster.

The Biden administration knows this reality. White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently addressed the question of another round of stimulus payments, saying that it was dependent on Congress while acknowledging that such a measure would be expensive. Psaki pointed to the administration’s proposal for an expanded child tax credit that would see eligible parents receive $250 or $300 per month, which has been described by some as constituting an unofficial fourth-round of stimulus payments.

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