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Planning a Frugal party

Frugal Party

Sometimes it could take more than your family, your job and all of responsibility to take the party animal out of you. You could be a few decades old, jobless and living with your mother for all it would matter but that isn’t the best of conditions to throw a party. When it comes to strictly considering a limited budget and planning a frugal party, there’s a lot that you must bring into consideration. Some of the best planned parties are those where you can make the most out of a constrained budget.

1)    Budget planning is essential. Without a planned budget no party can actually formulate into what its worth could be. Make sure you spend sensibly dividing a respectable percentage for all categories that you might have to spend on. If you’re planning food as the main attraction then you could compromise on your decorations but if you’re planning on dancing the night away I’d suggest getting rid of any food on the list and fill your shopping trolleys with booze.

2)    Plan your party with your friends. A larger number of hosts will not only easy the responsibility of arranging, planning and cleaning up but will also divide the amount of basic funds you require into a greater number of people and hence decreasing the load on your pocket. Invited hosts are mandatory as a budget planning technique.

3)    One of my favorite of the 6 Frugal party planning tips is making it a BYO (whatever). Let your guests know that they’re welcome to use your place and practice whatever sort of intoxication that you may be comfortable with.

4)    Budget planning is only best brought into effect when you pursue every cost effective habit that you can to reduce your economic burden. It is a helpful suggestion to visit your nearest retail store and buy stocks of whatever you use most, be it paper plates, disposable cups and even decorations. Buying in bulk will not only be cost effective but will also save you all the extra trips to buy groceries before every party.

5)    Always use your place. My 6 frugal party planning tips will be incomplete without making sure that my readers never decide to rent a location for a party. Remember, it’s always the people who make the party and the place is never party. Not only will doing this make you look less of an idiot but its also budget planning friendly.

6)    Ask your guest to chip in! Don’t ask them to come to a party, put it like ‘bring the party with you’. Tell them that they should feel free to contribute to your party as much as they want.

Not only will working on these guidelines help you have more parties in a month over a given budget than you usually do, but they will also help you save energy in prepping for them. These parties wont only be cheaper but budget planned and fun to be in.

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