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How to Be Fashionable On Budget

How to Be Fashionable On Budget

Budget Fashion Tips for Women

Everyone wants to look trendy and stylish by staying on targeted budget. It’s always wise to shop for right clothes at right time. Some people prefer to purchase clothes by executing electronic transaction after carefully scrutinizing cheap online stores and this also allows them to experience array of choices without affecting the budgeted living. Mostly people believe in buying clothes in more tangible situation, when they can physically touch, feel, and see the product and placement.

There still exist a class who still visit the mortar malls, traditional markets, old brick shopping centers when have limited budget. As the fashion trends are ever changing so people even recycle the old used materials from their closet and make them classy by making few alterations or adding few layers of fabric or other embellishing materials. However, when wear with nice pair of shoes and nice accessories can add value to the overall persona.

Clothes At Discounted Price

To keep oneself upto date with the latest fashion a always get inspired with real “IN” trend  and work with what he / she can do to make oneself look outstanding and thus makes its own fashion statement. Even the thrift stores, vintage stores and  sample sales specifically in fashion industry brings the reasonable cloth samples at discounted prices, thus allows the savvy customers to purchase the samples in bulk with few amount spent.

Buy Most Classy Stuff

If you want to become a fashion savvy it is advised try to fill your closet with most classy, fashionable and hot outfits yet current. For example : if animal printing or abstract designs are “IN”  and you are short on budget to buy the tank tops of such design then better go for the other demanding items to compensate the absence of a top. Animal or leopard printed handbag, pumps or headband can also add to the deficiency of a top.

Visiting The Second Shop Stores

You can save the money by just visiting the second shop stores which are located in every next town or city. Such stores are placed with the shirts, shoes, tops with brand names (can be a 1st copy or a 2nd copy of the leader brand) at reasonable rates. One dollar shops also contain good quality accessories at cheap pricing. There are still few cloth markets where you can buy the tank tops, sweaters, blazers, sweaters, woolen trousers, and summer wear  as well. The best way to shop is to pick anything which attracts you at first glance regardless of the brand name attached with it.

Make A Perfect Combo

You can always come up with the perfect combo to enhance yourself image. Let’s take an example: LV / Gucci bags, Quiz / Rado designer’s watches, Christen Dior / Rey Ben glasses, nine west heels/ bracelets can never go out of place. Such exclusive brands always coupled with simple yet non branded stylish clothes. Most brands discount their lines on peak seasons with value added pricing.

Pairing Dress with Accessories

A perfect jegging, leggings, tights, jeans, shirts, classy pumps, boats ( either heeled or totally flat )  etc in your favorite color when combined with jewelry like funky bangles, bracelets, sunglasses, chains and hoops  makes you feel all complete.

Sharing and Swapping of Clothes

Well there are some other options one can go for its sharing and swapping of clothes amongst your peer, siblings and close relative who share the similar aesthetics of style and fashion. It allows one to save the money.

Spend Less On Hair and Skin

Instead of spending the money on Salons one can always spent less to fix up the hair and skin do. One can buy the manicure / pedicure kit (contains the scissors, clippers, polishers, shiners and other tools) and can do as much you want. Animal,animated, dotted nail art and patterns can easily be done at home.

Pick Up The Old Used Pieces

Always pick up the old used pieces of cloth from own outlets, factory outlets, thrift stores, and mend them to look the way you want them to and create your own garment in mind “ styling, color combination, patterns, shape, embellishments, fabric etc.

Visit Company Website

Internet facility also allows keeping track of the company websites, blogs, fashion articles and the impressive market offering. Just wait for the sale because such offering can turn out to be unbelievable. Go through the websites, newspapers to see the advertisement announcements on sale.Today the companies are not only progressing in retaining the customers but to attract new customers, thus are incorporating more into Customer relationship management. Companies are more customer friendly and believe in customization. SMS alerts of new arrivals, news-feed, twitters, facebook pages has facilitated both parties in exceptional ways. Cooperative advertising allows customers to see the other impressive deals offered by other companies.

Spend Once On Branded Items

Majority of people holds the perception that buying cheap clothes is not their style, because of the inferior quality. Spending more money in buying branded bags, belts, and shoes is worthy especially in shades of black, brown, fawn, blues etc.WHY?Because it can be coupled with multiple set of outfits. This option is more advisable for brand conscious people.

Membership Cards

It allows saving the money and inform a lot about new collection through the emails and other mediums.

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