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After CDC Flip-Flops, Dr. Anthony Fauci Doubles Down on Insanity

Dr. Fauci

Today’s major flip-flop by the CDC, and by extension, the Biden administration, on mask-wearing has been a hot topic. As I wrote earlier, the science did not change, but the political circumstances surely did. Thus, we got this bone thrown to a public that is getting sick and tired of inflation, gas shortages, and the Middle East going back up in flames.

Of course, one of the chief purveyors of the “you must stay masked even after you get vaccinated” narrative was Dr. Anthony Fauci. He made the rounds the last several weeks preaching the gospel of minuscule infection chances and the glories of cloth face-diapers.

Given that, today’s announcement left him in a bit of a pickle. Would he admit he wasn’t following the science or double down? Well, he managed to take the most ridiculous route, insisting that children need to stay masked up even after the adults and older children around them have been vaccinated.

This is psychotic behavior, in my opinion.

Of note is that children are not statistically at risk from the coronavirus. In fact, kids are far more vulnerable to the flu. The risk of complications from COVID climbs as you get older, especially above 70 years old. Fauci knows this so why in the world would he endorse continuing to abuse kids by making them put dirty Petri-dishes on their faces?

Now, to this point, we’ve been told that the reason kids needed to wear masks was not for their own safety, but because they could possibly spread the virus to others. Even then, the data shows they carry a weak viral load and don’t spread the disease much, which is why schools that have opened have been overwhelmingly safe.

Regardless, if people are vaccinated, then there is no risk of the children spreading it to the adults. Reinfection chances are around 0.0075%, and even if you contract the disease after vaccination, your chances of death are less than getting struck by lightning.

So why exactly do children need to wear masks? They don’t, and Fauci’s pushing of that is just yet more proof that he’s a tiny tyrant who gets a high from controlling people. If someone is going to go around proclaiming they follow “the science,” then actually following the science would be paramount. Fauci isn’t doing that. He’s following whatever will get him his next CNN hit.

People need to ignore this nonsense. Just because someone is a bureaucrat does not mean they are authoritative. Fauci has been wrong over and over throughout this pandemic. It’s time he’s treated like the unreliable source he is.

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