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This is the new COVID-19 symptom you need to know about

A newly released study from the French Society of Neuroradiology has found a brand new COVID-19 symptom that is unsettling.

Researchers are still finding out more information about COVID-19 infections and how they affect the human body.

A new study was published in the journal Radiology, and according to the researchers behind the study, there is a new COVID-19 symptom that has been identified.

The researchers are from the French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR), and used MRI scans to locate what the researchers describe as “significant abnormalities” in the eyes.

The researchers note that these eye abnormalities mostly showed up in people who had a severe COVID-19 infection and that this is “the first time these findings have been described using MRI.”

Researchers examined 129 patients, and of those patients, 7% were found to have eye symptoms. Besides one patient, all of the studied patients who were found to have eye abnormalities had a severe COVID-19 infection.

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