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5 Small Ways to Help You Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight-Loss Goals

You’ve been trying to lose weight, but haven’t had much luck because you’re not sure how to get started. Even one small change can offer big results and here are over 40 ways to make it happen.

 Small Ways to Help You

1: Snack on Protein

Snack on Protein

Satiate hunger longer by reaching for a protein-packed snack. You can make protein balls ahead of time like these chocolate chip peanut butter protein palls, or get yourself beef jerky from the store.

2: Fruit For Dessert

Fruit For Dessert
Skip the empty calories and get a hold of your sugar addiction by eating fruit after dinner instead of reaching for cookies or ice cream.

3: Go Mini

Go Mini

Even healthy recipes aren’t void of calories, so if you tend to go overboard on the portion sizes, make mini versions of your favorite foods like these 100-calorie bite-size strawberry cheesecakes.

4: Bring Beans to Dessert

 Beans to Dessert
Considering beans’ fiber, protein, and iron content, everyone should include more legumes in their diet. If you’re having trouble stomaching a bowl of beans, you can still reap the healthy benefits without your taste buds even realizing it. There are tons of bean-loaded dessert recipes, like these chocolate chickpea doughnuts, to appeal to your sweet tooth.

5: Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for your meals and snacks with a little Sunday meal prep. The more time you devote to cutting up and preparing foods, the easier it’ll be to stay on the healthy path.

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