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This virus with 75% death rate swells the brain, may be next pandemic

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Scientists are concerned about this virus that has a death rate of up to 75%, potentially becoming the next ‘big’ pandemic.

Researchers are very concerned about a virus that has the potential to become the next “big” pandemic.

The disease experts are voicing concern over is called Nipah, and it has a death rate of up to 75%. Originally, the disease comes from bats, and can jump to humans where the mortality rate is extremely high when you compare the mortality rate to COVID-19.

Symptoms of the virus can include; vomiting, seizures, brain swelling, disorientation, drowsiness, confusion, headaches, sore throat, and more.

Nipah first jumped from pigs to farmers in Malaysia in 1999, and luckily, there are no current Nipah outbreak s in the world.

However, Dr. Melanie Saville, head of vaccine research and development at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, said to The Sun, “Nipah is one of the viruses that could absolutely be the cause of a new pandemic. Several things about Nipah are very concerning.”

Additionally, Nipah has an incubation period of up to 45 days, which means that an infected person can potentially spread the virus to unsuspecting people for more than a month before falling ill.

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