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New disease is leading to death within a few hours accompanied by blood vomit

Reports are presenting a strange deadly disease came up a symptom of blood vomit and death within a few hours.

The modern disease has emerged and affecting individuals that cause coughing blood before the unusual death a few hours later.

So far, the sickness is unexplained, but conforming to the initial reports it is rapidly spreading through Mbeya Region in Southern Tanzania and instigated above 50 victims to be hospitalized. As per Health Officials, the new disease is causing nausea and influenced men massively, but there are no chances that it will turn into a pandemic.     

Chief Medical Officer of the Rural Chunya District in Mbeya Felista Kisandu said: “This disease has not become trivial. It was recorded in only one ward of Ifumbo where people were reached to the emergency room late, where they vomit blood and die. The reason of their illness is not known up till now, but Tanzania’s Health Ministry has prevent an epidemic.”

Kisandu said that men who had affected suffered from stomach ulcers and liver dysfunction. Later, the authority has suspended Kisandu for her comments that created ‘unnecessary panic’ in the public. Health Minister Dorothy Gwajika has expressed about her suspension and cleared her stance. She said, “I issued the orders or the suspension of Dr Felista Kisandu because of creating a needless panic in community so that Medical Council will propose the report to me within ten days”.

 Kisandu has since been suspended for her comments as they were defined as “unnecessary panic.” Health minister Dorothy Gwajika said in response to the suspension, “For creating unnecessary panic among residents, I order Dr Felista Kisandu’s employer to suspend her in order to pave way for investigations by the Medical Council and submit the report to me within ten days.”

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