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Low-Calorie, Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies That Actually Taste Amazing

Dairy Free Sugar Cookies

The best vegan desserts are the ones no one would even guess are made without dairy and eggs, and these sugar cookies fit the bill! Just like Grandma’s, these little gems are deliciously soft and sweet — even without the icing! But at 68 calories per adorable cookie, it sure beats the 192-calorie-cookies that are traditionally made with butter, milk, and eggs.

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Low Calorie Dairy Free Sugar Cookies

This dough rolls out smoothly, the cookie cutter never sticks to the dough, and the shapes come out perfectly — no crumbling whatsoever.

Free Sugar Cookies That Actually Taste Amazing

And because you know sampling a little cookie dough is an important part of the cookie-making-process, you can nibble away without worrying about getting sick because this cookie dough is completely safe and edible (and delicious)! Just make sure you leave some to bake up.

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