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Reasons why you are Always Tired

Due to our busy lives, fatigue is widespread these days. There are times when even perfectly healthy people feel tired. Tiredness is becoming more and more common even in young people. There can be many reasons to why always tired you are.The typical and most common ones are mentioned below, have a look at them and find out why always tired you feel.

  • Allergies

There is a possibility that you may have an allergy, this can be the reason why always tired you feel. Cause to your tiredness can be allergens like pollen, any food or animal can affect your body. When this happens,antibodies of your body fight the effects of allergy by releasing histamines. This excessive reaction can lead to sneezing, itching or shortness of breath. These reactions can answer your question of why always tired and sleepy you are.

  • Over use of caffeine

It is commonly believed that caffeine can energize a person, but is this really true? Why always tired even after taking a cup of coffee? Or why always tired even after your daily tea? doctors says that more than once-a-day dose of coffee or tea can develop strong cycle which can show affects in increased heart rate, high blood pressure which can cause you an irregular night sleep.

  • You’re multi-tasking.

Working more than your capacity, and wondering why always tired you are? Over exertion certainly causes fatigue and it can be a strong reason of feeling tired.Doing many things at a time is certainly a skill for many but it has its negative effects as well. Multitasking can be very tiring some at times. It causes a huge drain of glucose that is required to fuel the brain does, this is why always tired you may feel. More intake of sugar will provide timely solution to the problem but with time you will start feeling the tiredness.

  • Anaemic:

Being anemic can be a huge reason why always tired you feel. People who are experience anemia typically have low red blood cells. It causes low transportation for oxygen in the body which also include brain. With fewer red blood cells one may feel it difficult to concentrate and that is why always tired you may feel.

  • Wrong Posture:

The way you stand or sit certainly affect your body. Standing up straight not only looks notable but it has benefits for your health as well. With your shoulders pushed forward your body weight is not distributed equally on your feet and this cause a curve in your lower back as well make you feel fatigued. Doctors suggest that you keep you posture right to avoid unnecessary tiredness that you may feel due to bad posture.

  • No Exercise:

If you will not do exercise daily then your body will feel fatigued. By moving up your body a little you will feel fresh less tired. By burning a few calories you will feel exhausted and it will get your metabolic rate high that will bring your body more energy. Tiredness often leads to distress and depression, so exercise is the best remedy as it produces dopamine which is a mood enhancing hormone. It will surely let you stop wondering why always tired you feel.

  • Undiagnosed Heart Disease:

If ones heart has to work hard to spread oxygen in body then fatigue will be felt. There can be many reasons for the over exertion of heart, for instance, heart-valve problems, clogged arteries or high blood pressure.

  • Under active Thyroid:

Feeling low energy and slow metabolism can be the reason why always tired you feel this can be due to thyroid. Women are more prone to this problem.It causes fatigue and often weight gain, dry skin or intolerance to cold.

  • Dehydration:

A major portion of our body is water, we can’t survive without water. 92% of our blood consists of water as well. If enough water intake is not practiced by you, than metabolic reactions may occur, such as tiredness. Lower water intake can be why always tired you are.

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