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Fitness Trends for Women


fitness-trends-for-womenDo you find it hard to bring balance between you and your workout? Is it difficult for you to maintain your fitness and health along with your never ending chores? If yes, then you must read this article carefully.

Women health in most of the cases takes a back seat because of the multi tasking and busy routine she has to under take. Juggling with her hectic routine, she hardly gives time to her fitness and over all health. Women today have busy life styles, hectic work routines and multitude tasks which bring stress and an in ability to stay fit. It is medically proven that women are much more prone to health risks than men.

So that women health and fitness need extra health care plans and fitness trends. But unfortunately, round the clock duties like job, meeting of her targets, family responsibilities and house hold chores extremely damage woman health and fitness. These are the reason by which women rarely get the time to give personal attention and time to their health care plans, fitness trends and wellness practices.

Beside these health and fitness damaging reasons, women have to bring balance between their health, fitness and work load as they know their whole family depends upon them. So, women have to give adequate time and extra attention to their health and over all fitness.  Here are some fitness trends that will assist women in achieving their fitness and health improving goals.

Fitness trends for women:

  • Pilates: Pilates is a physical fitness trend and a workout designed to strengthen the body’s core muscles. It helps improve posture, develop strength and flexibility and tones the body. Pilates also helps to reduce stress and enables the body to regulate oxygen effectively.  It can also help women stay in shape after pregnancy.
    Like any other work out and fitness trends, Pilates is based on principles. To start, all you need is an exercise mat and a Pilate’s trainer to take you through the movements. You can also DVD’s and online videos for assistance, if hiring a trainer is not possible.
  • Resistance Trainings: Are one of the fastest and most effective fitness trends to lose weight and to reduce body fats. Contrary to the belief that women should not perform weighted exercise, resistance training is the best fitness trend to tone and build muscle. Women in contrast to men do not have the required “make up” to become huge like men.
  • Cardio vascular Training: Cardio vascular exercises should be a part of every woman’s daily routine. You can perform it with other fitness trends such as resistance training, yoga and Pilates. Activities that increase the heart rate like running, swimming, cycling and jogging are all conducive to fitness and provide numerous health benefits including keeping the heart and lungs healthy and also help to build up stamina and fight off potential diseases associated with obesity.

All you need is to take up any one or all these fitness trends with patience and on regular basis. By following this rule, you can easily achieve your fitness goals in weeks.

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