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Typhoid Fever Conditions and Remedies

Typhoid Fever Conditions and Remedies

Typhoid fever symptoms

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection. Typhoid fever has another name i.e. enteric fever. It is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi. Without proper Typhoid fever treatment this typhoid fever can be dangerous for a person because their bacterium spreads rapidly.

Typhoid fever symptoms and treatment:

Typhoid fever symptoms and Typhoid fever treatment comes later but first lets have a look that what are the main causes of this Typhoid Fever.

Flies contaminate our food and eatable products and when we eat it or the person having typhoid fever makes the food its germs get transfer to it and when we will eat it, it will be transferred to our body.

Cleanliness is very important factor here in the causes of Typhoid fever. Flies only come where there is dirt and lack of sanitation. So it’s recommended to daily clean your house and take bath so to avoid Typhoid Fever, Typhoid symptoms and typhoid treatment.

Typhoid fever symptoms:

  • The very first thing you will notice in a typhoid fever patient is he/she will be complaining for a headache, which the patient will say is increasing with the time.

  • The second typhoid fever symptoms are high fever along with headache. The fever remains in the whole course of Typhoid fever and goes down slowly. In typhoid fever the temperature is 103 degree Fahrenheit to 104 degree Fahrenheit which is very high and can be serious.
  • Other typhoid fever symptoms are stomach pain, body pain. Stress, pain in every part of body, weakness, and fatigue is all typhoid fever symptoms. In all such conditions lack of food will take you to danger zone and proper diet is very important.
  • Sometimes but not every time typhoid fever patient can have rash and itching because of this rash. So these are some of the typhoid fever symptoms which are common.

Typhoid fever Treatment:

  • Treatment for every disease is available now days. Before it was very difficult for a typhoid fever patient to cure himself from this deadly disease and many people die also because of typhoid fever.
  • When you notice the above common typhoid fever symptoms take the patient immediately to a physician before it is too late. The doctor will suggest you for a blood test to ensure whether it’s a Typhoid fever or not and then the medicine will be suggested to start Typhoid fever treatment.
  • Typhoid fever treatment is done through antibiotics which kill the Salmonella bacteria. With antibiotics and supportive care, you can get rid of typhoid fever early. With appropriate antibiotic therapy, there is usually improvement within one to two days and recovery within 10 days.
  • A typhoid fever patient will be suggested to take a lot of fluids like juices, water, glucose so that he may not be dehydrated. This is also among the typhoid fever treatment.
  • Taking proper diet is also a typhoid fever treatment. No matter what ever is the disease never stops taking food; it will cause you more problem rather than making you feel well. Non bulky, high-calorie meals can help replace the nutrients you lose when you are suffering from typhoid fever.

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