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Conditions of Placenta Previa and its Remedies

Placenta Previa Treatment

Placenta Previa PicturesPlacenta previa is a complication that happens in the pregnancy. Well, what happen in this case is that placenta’s position obstructs the cervix: which is the baby way out. Well there are two cases in normally what happen is that in normal delivery placenta attaches itself on top of the uterus but in this case which is placenta previa it gets attached on the downside of the uterus.

Well, every woman who is expecting doesn’t know much about placenta previa so she gets worried when she hears about it.

Conditions of placenta previa:

Well, no one knows the exact cause of it, many woman face this type of problem during pregnancy. There are many conditions of placenta previa, here we will talk about the them.

There are four underlying condition of placenta previa

1. Partial placenta previa:

This condition happens when the placenta starts developing in the lower path facing towards the uterus. In this condition placenta wraps up the cervical opening. In this case women are told that they are having placenta previa. Well the fact is that it happens in the start of the pregnancy because in the beginning there is not much space in the uterus for placenta to intrude upon. This is identified in the 2nd trimester. There are many chances that it will carry on to the third one too. This is very common nowadays and this is something not out of the world, there are treatments for it so stop worrying.

2. Complete placenta previa:

This is also one of the conditions. Complete placenta previa is one of the severe conditions for a woman. In this case usually C section is done. In this case what happens is it that the placenta totally blocks the opening till cervix from the womb. This usually happens in the 20th week of the pregnancy. Sometimes in this case delivery has to be done before the time. This is a very dangerous situation, the mother and the baby both are in risk.

3. Low lying placenta previa:

This is also one and the third condition of it. Usually many women face this type of placenta previa in the mid or start of the pregnancy but there is a lot of chance that this issue will get resolved automatically as time passes.

Some times what happens in this condition is that when woman reaches to her last three month of pregnancy which is even called third trimester, the uterus is growing so the placenta will move on upwards and this way it will be completely out of the way.

This condition is also safe for many women because in some cases there is much chance of normal delivery. This is only possible if you go and consult your doctor regularly.

4. Marginal placenta previa:

In this case the placenta gets entrenched and begins to grow at the bottom of the uterus and in this case placenta starts pushing up alongside the cervix. In this case of placenta previa the opening is not covered. Well in this case the border of placenta starts touching the inner opening of the uterine cervix and if it partly covers then in the labour as cervix starts to dilate, little bleeding may be observed at the corner of placenta. Usually in this case the delivery is normal but in some cases C-section has to be done that depends on the position of placenta previa and that doctors come to know with the help of ultra sound.

Well, the symptoms of placenta previa are very obvious that suddenly vaginal bleeding starts, bleeding starts in the 4th month. Sometimes bleeding can be too much.

There are too many remedies of placenta previa depending on the position of it. it often becomes okay as time passes. Bed rest is suggested to the woman who are facing this problem and regular checkups are very necessary. Well no medicines are given because the last option for this problem is C section. Lots of women are suffering from placenta previa and it is very common nowadays.

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