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Funky Street Style Shoes 2012

Funky Street Style Shoes 2012

Funky Street Style Shoes

When it comes to look funkier, women are believed to go to any limits. Women are obsessed to look funky and hence this obsession has taken over the street style facade. The street style shoes have taken over the fashion world and the year 2012 has witnessed funkier street style shoes which look very exciting. The craze for street style shoes and in style boots is blooming more than ever before.

The street style shoes for women in the year 2012 have inspired the masses concerning the fashion world. Shoes complete the personality of women specifically, when it comes to women there is no such a too much of a thing than shoes. It is a rough estimate that there are almost ten times more women shoes in the world than the women existing in the world at a time.

Hence women when tend to stand out from the crowd choose more funky shoes which can be classified as classical street style shoes. Hence to have the funkier ever shoes, the women have to think out of the box to own and wear the funky street style shoes. Thus the in style boots which can be termed as street style shoes in the year 2012, are classified as following.

1. Wedge Heels Shoes

Wedge Heels Shoes for Women

The most popular of the funky street style shoes are the wedge heels which are being admired over every season in the year 2012. The in style boots encompassing classic styling without compromising the comfort, giving the height to the women coupled with firmness and stability as compared to a thin heel are in this year and famous being the street style shoes. The wedge styles encompass espadrille wedge, wooden and cork wedges, hidden wedges, wrapped wedges, architectural wedges and the flat form wedge.

2. Alberto Guardiani Shoes

Alberto Guardiani Shoes for Women

It is pertinent to mention here that one of the most interesting designs has been envisaged by a famous Italian shoe designer known asĀ Alberto Guardiani who has introduced fascinating street style shoes encompassing the sexiness of the lipstick along with the lovely look and feel of high heel street style shoes.

3. Kobi Levi Shoes

Kobi Levi Shoes for Women

Another appealing design of street style shoes by Kobi Levi, a designer admired for his lovely designs, where the designer introduced a chewing gum heal giving a very realistic look as if the chewing gum sticking both to the shoes and the floor.

4. Angel Wing Shoes

Angel Wing Shoes for Women

Also wing embroidered platform sandals and the angel wing shoes are being witnessed as the in style boots and preferred as the street style shoes, with a combination of multiple laces and front graphic pattern or textured shoe tips.

The world has been captivated with the street style shoe fever and in the quest to look unique, the designers are striving hard to materialize the creative ideas into the funkier and the admirable street style shoes in the year 2012.

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