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Winter 2012 Fashion Trends for Women

Winter 2012 Fashion Trends for Women

2012 Winter Fashion TrendsEveryone loves to shop for winters. Fashion trends ranging from sweaters, gloves, caps, shawls, mittens, warmers, and warm clothing are all part of winters. The true essence is what’s on the winter 2012 fashion charts. Which fashion trends have turned heads and how are women planning to upgrade their winter wardrobe?

This year top on the charts winter trends for women include a range of stylish jumpers, long coats and sweaters. Check and geometric style jumpers are in style. You can go for black and white check or red and black, anything that is geometric and checkered in style. This style is not limited to jumpers only. Get yourself a checkered woolen sweater or turtle neck cardigan to follow latest fashion trends for women. Psychedelic prints that make your eyes and mind boggle are winters favorite. Get your party dresses and shirt tops with the most symmetric and insane prints. Red black and white are the hot favorite this winter.

Winter 2012 fashion has introduced a new change. The body hugging pants are over taken by the big and baggy leather pants. These baggy pants bring a shine to the dull and gloomy winter weather. Put emphasis on your curves, especially your hips. Use hip padding to highlight your hip bone. Winter 2012 fashion has introduced hip padding for formal dresses. If you want to go for skinny jeans, buy a checkered skinny stretch pant.

The shine is not just restricted to pants. Shiny long leather coats are hot favorite fashion trends for women in 2012. Coats are also enjoyed baggy this winter. Tight fitted coats are out of style. So roll yourself in a double breasted long and baggy coat which will keep you warm, cozy and most chic when it comes to following the latest fashion. Whatever baggy stuff you wear, remember to belt your waist. Belts have become a necessity in fashion trends. A dress without belt is incomplete this winter. So accessorize your wardrobe with belts of all shapes and sizes. Wear belts on long coats, baggy pants or whatever style you are carrying.

Pointed pumps are in fashion this year. Pointed pumps cowboy style also adds a sizzle to the dull winter. Cowboy style can never be out of fashion. Pair your denims with a cowboy jacket or pair your sweater with a cowboy style jumper and enjoy the mix and match. The fully packed up polo style also adds variety and looks good when mixed with cowboy style dressing.

In fancy wear, brocade and baroque style prints are fashion trends for women. Wear a printed jacket and matching printed trouser to work. Matching printed trouser suits are selling like hot cakes this winter. It’s not just prints, the plush of all velvet is in style. Velvet trouser suits and boiler suits are in style. Black, maroon and dark colors are being used in clothing. Skinny velvet jeans along with a packed up bike rider style jacket and black scarf with pointed black shoes will make you look smashing and HOT!

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