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Hemline Grazing Dresses

Hemline Grazing DressesFollow the spring fashion trends for short dresses and find out what styles and colors are making waves in the world of fashion.

Spring fashion trends for dresses in 2010 include minimalism, high-voltage patterns, romanticism, sweet pastels and soft revealing sheers. I advise you to take your inspiration from these fashion trends and designer dresses when making your shopping list. With spring upon us, there’s an urgency to invest in some all important dresses for this season, which I am sure will overlap into the summer as well. Hemlines for dresses are on the shorter side, SO short that they could be called bottom grazer dresses . Let’s take a look at the key trends in short dresses, colors, fabrics and prints for this season.

The big story for spring summer is nudity in dresses! A huge majority of shows opened with nude, ice-cream colors, making cut and drapery the big style statements for summer dresses as opposed to eye-dazzling colors. The top 10 colors for women’s fashion were announced by PANTONE at the Fashion Color Report Spring 2010. Turquoise, tomato purée, fusion coral, violet, tuscany, aurora, amparo blue, pink champagne dried herb and eucalyptus are the ones to watch out for.

The girly girl, sugary sweet short dresses are back with a bang. Designers dresses from runway shows had overlapping elements of feminine ruffles, sheer fabrics, short hemlines and pastel colors. The use of white colors, in shirt dresses especially, will represent one of the main seasonal trends in sack-style dresses and silk fabrics. Feathers continue to add allure to otherwise simple dresses and quite honestly feathers are best kept to evening dresses; you don’t want to be attacked by a bird during the day!

The sack dresses trend may just save some us from’ bearing all’ in those short dresses. Women everywhere can release a sigh of relief that the simple sack dresses are one of spring’s hottest trends, taking inspiration from the designer dresses on runways of Bottega Veneta. These styles of summer dresses which skim the figure are elegant, comfortable and breathable.

As opposed to the cotton candy style of short dresses mentioned earlier, other short dresses trends follow the tribal trends and the military look of past years. Ancient civilizations come to life on the dresses in war paint, metal plating, chain-mail inspired detailing and tribal inspired motifs

Lastly ladies, another major trend’ the trench coat- sees itself morphing into a style of dress. Taking inspiration from Burberry’s runway designer dresses and Fendi’s designer dresses, trench dresses are a wonderful spring addition to anyone’s wardrobe! In mostly, nude colors, the trench style dresses look incredibly sexy and feminine while at the same time can be toughened up with dark accessories, for an edgier, raw look.

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