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Walking Shoes are important enough to be picked carefully

Walking Shoes are important enough to be picked carefully

Walking shoes are your most significant item of gear. There is no one best walking shoe. The best walking shoe for you is the one that fits you most excellently, the one that gives you the appropriate support, flexibility, cushioning, and compensates for any pace problems you may have, such as over pronation. Each person’s feet are poles apart. Take all guidance with a grain of salt and discover a shoe that is best for your walking distance, speed, style, and surface as well as your weight and pace.

Shoe manufacturers are putting the best design and skill into running shoe styles, while walking shoe styles are being designed principally for market demand rather than performance.

There are some essential Walking Shoe qualities that your walking shoe should have, like the following:

Walking Shoe Quality 1: Walking shoe should be flexible.
The walking shoes should have the tendency to bend and twist. When you walk, your foot will flex as you roll through a step from heel to toe. If the shoe is too inflexible, your foot will fight it with each step.

Walking Shoe Quality 2: Walking shoe should be flat.
Walking shoes should have a moderately flat heel.

Walking Shoe Quality 3: Walking shoes should not have a flared heel.
When you walk you strike with the heel first, you do not want a big flared heel. In fact, a vaguely undercut heel is preferred.

Are boots a good idea for walking? Many people while walking long distance wear hiking boots. However, boots do not offer motion control features that many people need, and may be inflexible and heavy. Boots might work for a trail but for the street it is a bad idea.


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