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Angelina Jolie in her own league amidst Celebrities Style

Angelina Jolie in her own league amidst Celebrities Style

Angelina Jolie has the type of beauty that knows no bounds and the type of style that stands out in celebrities’ style; and there is no limit to the admiration she gathers amidst various celebrities’ style. Everything about her, from her jet-black hair and famously full lips to her tomboyish and tattooed style seems to celebrate extremes of celebrities’ style. If you love her brazen beauty and unique style that shines in all celebrities’ style as much as we do then follow these simple steps of celebrities style to make this look your own.

STEP 1 to acquire celebrities’ style: A big part of this celebrities style look is the clean, classic shape of Angelina’s eyebrows. So before apply your makeup to make your eyebrows look sharp.

STEP 2 to acquire celebrities’ style:  Use a concealer brush to apply a cream concealer under the eye and on the eyelid. Using your fingertips, blend well using a tapping motion. Apply foundation only where needed to even out redness or conceal any imperfections. To apply the foundation use your fingers and the same tapping motion you used to apply the concealer. If your skin is in good shape, you can skip the foundation. This should give you the smooth look that is essential to celebrities’ style.

STEP 3 to acquire celebrities’ style:  Dab a makeup sponge into loose powder and use it to lightly pat the t-zone and the area around the eyes to control shine and set the concealer. A sponge actually gives a finer application than a powder puff. This will help prevent the powder from settling into fine lines and creating an unpleasant look. This is a good technique for mature skin and also to be in sync with celebrities’ style.

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