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Laces Wedding GownWedding day is the first thing every girl starts dreaming about since her growing years for it is the most important day in her life and will be remembered forever! Among other affairs, the selection of the perfect wedding gown is of utmost importance; so why not fall in love with a beautiful lace wedding gown. A lace wedding dress has always been a part of fashion, since the luxury that the lace fabric adds to the lace dress is one of its kinds.

Lace has been a part of fashion since ages. It is popular for adding elegance to the lace dress. There are mainly two kinds of popular lace fabrics. The French Leavers Laces are most trendy and in style. They are mainly imported from France and are famous for giving the most glamorous look to the lace wedding gown. The other one is Tulle; which is embroidered. It comes plain and is mostly appliqued with flowers and beads and sequins. These are mostly designed in Far East, and have a lot of designing and add classiness to the lace wedding dress.

In olden times, lace was made through the most fine cotton threads, which was even softer to the touch. But nowadays, they mix cotton with polyester and nylon to the lace fabric. Its not that it is no softer to the touch; but you have to look for the type of the lace fabric and its combination with other types of the clothes, that are a part of your lace wedding gown to give the right kind of look that you wanted. Moreover, you also have to keep in mind the placement of lace fabric on the lace wedding dress, i.e. the bodice, the veil or the fishtail trains.

Lace wedding gowns seem old fashioned to some, but the moment a girl enters the bridal store, she simply falls in love with the beautiful lace wedding dresses on display. And they have a lot reasons for that! Lace fabric adds sophistication to the lace wedding dress. It gives a flattering look to the bride when mixed with the soft and subtle chiffon.

The beauty of the lace fabric lies in the depth and texture it adds to the lace dress. Its rich pattern gives a different look to the lace dress and can be even played with when used to add minor details to the dress. Last but not the least; lace gives an expensive look to your lace wedding dress. So, let this timeless classic give you a wonderful feeling on your big day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

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