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How to be hipster is now to be hipster. Hipster culture is described as mutating styles, tastes and behaviors. Hipsters are young creative people who keep experimenting with their look, they want to be and look different from the crowd. 

Hipster Girl Fashion

Hipsterism is growing faster around the globe and it is expanding like a virus. Youngsters have only one question to ask and that is How to be hipster.

How to be hipster is like how to be independent. Your style and behavior doesn’t really depend on what’s in fashion but you always try to go on the opposite to the mainstream. You do not follow the trends but attract others to follow you as a style icon. How to be hipster is not being boring, ugly or outdated, it is about being interesting in a different way.

Here are some tips of “how to be hipster”:

  • Play with scarf

If you want to know how to be hipster then you must know multiple ways to tie a scarf around your neck or head. A scarf can help you protect your neck in winters and head in summers. As well as it adds on to that cool guy image of yours. Moreover, checkered scarf is an all times favorite.

  • Wear ironic/colorful tops

Choice for a shirt can help solve your puzzle how to be a hipster. Go for T-shirts with ironic messages and subtle at the same time. Grab something from the 90’s such as Ninja-Turtle T-shirt or Thunder cat. Wearing checkered would also go with how to be hipster. You can choose V-neck T-shirts for a cool guy image. Button-up, crop tops, oversized T-shirts, over-sized cardigans, vests and ponchos are amazing to add hipster to your personality.

  • Wear high-waisted shorts/mini-skirts

Summers are in full swing and a pair of high-waisted shorts or mini-skirt would be a great choice for how to be hipster girls.

  • Skinny Jeans – a must have!

If you are thinking how to be hipster, never give a second thought to skinny jeans. You must have a pair or two of skinny jeans. Chino trousers are also favored.

  • Dress old vintage

Vintage floral or lace dresses are a good choice for women who question “how to be hipster”.  Cut-out dresses, rompers or jumpsuits and floral leggings are also great choices.

  • Wear Glasses with no lens

Wear colorful Ray-Ban even if you don’t need to wear and create your own “how to be hipster” statement. You can wear glasses without any lens if you don’t feel the need of glasses.

  • Try new hairstyles

How to be hipster is an easy question when doing with your hair. You can have long straight/wavy hair or androgynous cuts which are the most common among hipsters. Side swept bangs are a must. You can just leave your hair in a messy style as if you just woke up, or roughly tie them into a messy bun.

  • Have a look at your feet!

If you want to get an answer to “how to be hipster”, then you have to be dressed up like a hipster. Look at your feet, if the shoes you are wearing don’t go with your hipster image change them immediately. Hipsters love oxford, gladiator sandals, ankle or military style boots. Wearing high socks or tight is always appropriate for “how to be hipster”.

How to be hipster is like saying you were cool before it was cool to be cool. To be a hipster you have to stay yourself and always be different, act and dress in your comfort zone and always be an early adopter. Be seen on social media more often. Hipster girls are independent and do not rely on others. Moreover, keep it classy not trashy. And never call yourself a hipster.

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