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The Best Backless Bras for Every Cup Size

Sometimes you want to go backless to make a glamorous and dramatic statement. Other times, it’s just too damn hot to wear full-coverage clothes. Either way, cup size should never hold you back from rocking the greatest low-back dresses or tops you can find. Here are the best lingerie styles to keep you feeling comfortable, secure and ready to take on summer’s sexiest style.

AA to A cup

Lucky duck, you can pretty much get away with wearing little to no support, making going backless a total breeze. However, if you’re worried about nip slips or an AC-induced headlights situation, pasties and nipple covers with a bit of padding can provide some extra coverage (and peace of mind).

B to C cup 

Sticky boobs (aka an adhesive bra) are your best bet if you’re hoping to get more support than a flimsy pasty. There are a lot of options that will work for this size range, so go forth and pick and choose as you please. Rocking something with a plunging neckline? Try separate cups that leave your rib cage bare—but won’t let your girls flop about. Looking for an additional cleavage boost? Push-ups and adjustable cups are your best friends. Just remember, always rinse after wear and stow them in the original box to keep them sticky and lengthen their life span.

D to DD cup 

Similar to your B and C cup friends, you land right in that adhesive bra sweet spot. The only difference? You’ll want to opt for styles that either clasp in the middle or come as one piece (as opposed to two independent cups). These will offer more support, provide ample cleavage and create a better shape than a simple “stick on and go” pair of cutlets. 

DDD/E to F cup

Depending on the cut of your backless dress, you have a few different options. If you’re set on going the sticky bra route and your chosen frock offers some side coverage, try one with clear panels that adhere to each rib cage and provide an additional boost of support. If you’re worried those side panels will show, you might want to try a bra strap extender. The extra-long strap clips into the clasps of any standard bra and wraps around your waist. Voilà, your favorite bra has been converted so you can slip into any low-back items you’ve been itching to wear.

G cup and up

While you should always feel free to do as you please, going braless is a bit more of a challenge if you’ve got a generous bosom. And while some brands (like Nordstrom Lingerie, bless their hearts) do offer adhesive bras that go up to a size H, you might find it more comfortable to just embrace the idea of showing off your bra. Try a gorgeous black lace style that’s every bit as sexy as your backless dress. Or match the color of your frock to the color of your underwire. Not into having the clasps exposed? Opt for a front closure or, better yet, a racer-back or strappy-back style that will really steal the show.

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