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5 Interesting Ways To Wear Flowers

Tulips, sunflowers, roses, marigolds, lilies, lavenders and the list goes on. Flowers are not just beautiful to look at but they are also an inherent part of many clothes and accessories for little girls as well as older women. Hence, it is only but imperative to understand interesting ways to wear flowers and incorporating them in your attire. Check out some ideas listed here.

1. Flower Pins

Bring out that woman in you by wearing a flower pin in a way that you choose to look trendy and beautiful. Flower pins that adorn your clothes or accessories or even yourself create a very appealing look. An otherwise plain bag or belt can do with a flower pin to offer it a wave of color. You can use it as a corsage, your straw hat can assume a vibrant look with it and one of them on your chain can dress you up beautifully. Flower pins can be added to your shoes or flip-flops or even to accessorize your hair.

2. Flowers on Fabric

Floral fabrics were a rage in the 60s and some of them still find such floral patterns on fabrics very appealing. You can either create a retro look with a 60s inspired flower dress or even incorporate such patterns in certain portions of a cocktail dress and make it jump with color and vibrancy.

3. Brooch

Interesting colors can be incorporated in floral brooches. You do not even have to be conventional in choosing colors here. There can be a black or purple brooch or even a golden one. Floral brooches can complement your headband, necklace, hat, scarf or hairstyle, besides serving their conventional purpose.

4. Flowers in your Hair

Flowers are the most natural, beautiful and pristine hair adornments for women all over the world. They look fragile and make the wearer exude feminine grace. Flowers grace important and special occasions like weddings, celebrations and festivals.

Colors and ways to wear it depict specific meanings as well. When a single flower is tucked behind the woman’s right ear in South Pacific islands, it means she is single. And wearing it near the other ear signifies that she is already taken. Different cultures have different styles of wearing flowers in hair and they all look captivating.

5. Flower Clips and Headbands

One of the quintessential accessories of every little girl, flower headbands and clips make every little princess even lovelier. It is quite difficult to find a little one who does not own at least one piece of this floral accessory.

There are so many interesting ways to wear flowers. Some are conventional, some are contemporary, some are distinctive and yet all are magical.

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