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Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Saved Marriage From Brink Of Divorce?

Have Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen saved their marriage? Sources tell one tabloid Bündchen was “days away” from filing for divorce last year, but Brady just barely managed to convince her to give their marriage another shot. 

According to the latest issue of In Touch, Tom Brady came closer than anyone suspected of losing his wife, Gisele Bündchen. Last year, Brady revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that Bündchen “didn’t feel like I was doing my part for the family.” A source confides in the tabloid that before Brady and Bündchen had their heart-to-heart about the state of their marriage, “Gisele was days away from filing for divorce.”

Bündchen apparently felt that she’d “sacrificed her multi-million-dollar modeling career to raise her family and felt like, ‘and this is how Tom’s repaying me – by being a selfish husband?’” the source says. Realizing he could “lose everything,” Brady “began making drastic changes” to the pair’s “deeply damaged” union. “After a lot of difficult conversations and Tom agreeing to some rules,” the insider continues, “they saved their marriage.”

“She and Tom talked it through and they compromised,” says the tipster, who adds that Brady has also agreed to “let Gisele call all the shots when it came time to set new rules for their marriage.” One of the first rules Bündchen sprung on Brady was that he wasn’t “allowed to party with teammates because Gisele wants him home with their family.”

The NFL star also has to “be more attentive with her” as well as with the couple’s children. A set retirement date is another must, with the spouses allegedly agreeing would take place “when his current two-year contract with Tampa Bay expires.” The last rule is certain to raise eyebrows. The source insists Brady “had to give [Bündchen] the passcode to his phone.” The reason? The informant claims it’s so “she can take a peek and really see he’s not working or goofing around with his teammates.”

Brady apparently couldn’t be happier with the arrangement, and is even planning an “out-of-this-world family vacation – I’ve heard that he’s renting out an island in the Maldives. They can certainly afford it” That vacation would be in addition to the couple’s “dream house” that they’re currently building, which they plan to attach a ton of bells and whistles. Interestingly, the tabloid adds, “They can certainly afford it: Their combined net worth is now $550 million and counting.”

Isn’t it interesting that the so-called “insider” and the author of the article would use the same exact phrase, word for word? “They can certainly afford it,” both say, a fascinating turn of phrase for two supposedly different people to use in the same article. It seems unlikely that two separate people would use the same phrase, which leads us to believe that the “insider” and the article’s author are the same person. That calls everything that source says into question.

The football star was in the news, so of course, the tabloid chose now to make up this tall tale. Yes, Brady did admit last year that Bündchen was dissatisfied with their marriage as it was, but he also insisted at the time that he’d put in the work to fix things with his wife and family. It was a story about the past, not the present. The fact is, a marriage that didn’t need saving, was “saved” as this tabloid has presented.

Supposed marital problems between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen has been a popular narrative in the tabloids. Several of In Touch’s sister outlets have published reports claiming the pair’s marriage was either on the outs or clawing its way back to normalcy. Take, for example, Life & Style’s report last summer that Bündchen thought Brady was “selfish.” This time last year, that same outlet claimed the pair were headed for a $600 million divorce. That wasn’t true then, and it certainly isn’t true now.

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