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Sydney Leathers crashes sexting partner Anthony Weiner

Sydney Leathers crashes

The 23-year-old, clad in a tight red dress and platform heels, said that she wanted to finally meet the man who ‘manipulated’ her into a months-long relationship. The Weiner mayoral campaign went limp after Leathers came forward with her explosive revelations.Sydney Leathers and Anthony WeinerSydney Leathers inside Connolly’s, where mayoral candidate and former sexting pal Anthony Weiner was having his election night party in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday For a brief moment this summer, it appeared that Anthony Weiner would be the man to beat in the New York mayoral race.Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner togetherInstead, of course, a young woman from Indiana named Sydney Leathers stepped forward with explosive revelations about the Democrat’s online behavior, and within weeks, his mayoral dream was toast Tuesday evening, as it became clear that Leathers would try to confront the sexting partner she had never met, on the night he was conceding defeat, reporters assembled outside of Connolly’s, the kind of nondescript midtown bar where New Yorkers might watch a football game or drown a sorrow.Sydney Leathers tight red dressWhen asked why she was there, Leathers responded, ‘I feel like it’s my obligation When Leathers arrived, clad in a form-fitting dress showcasing her recent surgical enhancements, the scrum of reporters pounced Why are you here?” she was asked. “I feel like it’s my obligation,” she replied.Sydney LeathersPlus, she said, “I’ll only be 23 years old once As she waited for the man she says “manipulated” her into a months-long relationship, Leathers stood in the hot glare of news cameras and smiled politely as some photographers asked to take long shots of her in her low-cut dress.Sydney Leathers HappyPeople say I ruined his marriage,’ Leather said Tuesday of mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner. ‘He ruined his marriage.

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