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Top five Super posh moms in Hollywood

Top five Super posh moms in Hollywood

Being a mother is not an easy job, and being a star mom is even more difficult but we have got some stunning super star moms who despite of their strenuous schedule these moms have always managed to maintain their fashionableness.

We have a multitalented American singer, Gwen Stefani, who never leaves her home without her gleaming red lips that add an extra charming effect to her overall persona, the Fox series queen, Nichole Richie reaching the height of Boho chic dressing art. Michelle Obama also carries herself in the royal exquisite style of Polished Preppy with style and grace despite having so many responsibilities. Moreover, how can we forget the flirting fluttering queen of jewel toned mini dresses, Kelly Ripa. Last but not the least our very own American super mom, Angelina Jolie with her matching tastes.

Inspire yourself and live with substance and style, you are the essence that inspires children and men with your determination, charisma and sacrifice. Be a super duper flattering mom not only to refresh your own self but also your family.

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