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Gossip and Celebrity Entertainment News

Gossip and Celebrity Entertainment News

What’s happening in celebrity entertainment news? Let’s take a look at the entertainment industry to see what our celebrities are up to.

Entertainment news begins with Sandra Bullock as she has filed for divorce. Celebrity entertainment news following the star also reveals that she’s adopted a three month old boy named Louis Bardo Bullock. Entertainment news and gossip suggest that Sandra and Jesse started the adoption process four years ago but she now plans to raise him as a single parent. Following through with this entertainment story, despite the messy split in entertainment, Sandra says of Jesse James, “I really don’t know how our paths will intersect in the future, but the father I have known Jesse to be … is one that I hope Louis can experience one day…”

Other celebrity entertainment news sees that a judge has ordered Lindsey Lohan to show proof that she had completed 13 alcohol education classes! If entertainment industry star, Lindsay doesn’t complete at least four more classes, she’s in violation of probation and the judge has stated entertainment star-Lindsay will go to jail. This entertainment celebrity has made it clear she’s flying to France for the Cannes Film Festival!

Other celebrity entertainment news involves Elin Nordegren, who hired a lawyer to help her with her divorce from Tiger Woods less than a month after Tiger’s car accident. Entertainment news suggests Elin has hired attorney Walter H. White, Jr., who practices in London. They are trying to strike agreements on child custody and division of assets.

Onto the music entertainment industry, as we learn that “American Idol” contestant and favourite to win- Crystal Bowersox wanted to quit the show when entertainment host Ryan Seacrest did some damage control and changed her mind. Seacrest told her, “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house. You can buy your mom a house.”

The entertainment industry and its celebrities never fail to please with their whirlwind lives, so that rounds up another week of entertainment news as we’ll be back soon, with more gossip and entertainment for you.

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