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Daniel Radcliffe pimps his home

Daniel Radcliffe Pictures

English sweetheart Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly spent £100,000 to transform his New-York home into a rocking party house.

The house is grand and can impress any girl the ‘Harry Potter’ star brings in. loaded with party facilities; the house has indulging mood lighting and a sound system.

He’s made it ultra stylish and cool to bring home beautiful girls, whenever he wishes. He called in a fancy interior designer to create special lighting, soft furnishings and a banging music system, to get the party started.

The 21 year old star, who is to do a show with dancers is single because he don’t know if he can resist the charms of his co-stars and the show’s dancers, when he move out to New York.

Daniel admitted that he’s not sure, if he will stick to his plan of not sleeping with any young girl at the show.

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