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Lindsay Lohan Planning Another Turkey Refugee Visit

Lindsay Lohan Return to Turkey to Continue Work

The Mean Girls star visited the region on two separate occasions earlier this year (16), and she is hoping to return to the country in the next few weeks. “I am deciding now if I will head back to do more work in refugee camps in Turkey and (the city of) Antep during or after the New Year,” she tells the New York Post’s Page Six. The 30-year-old is taking her time to work out a schedule for her visit following the recent bombing attacks in the country, which took place in Istanbul earlier this month (Dec16), when 38 people were killed.Lindsay Lohan Planning

“The dates are not set yet,” she continues. “It depends on how Turkey feels after the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul. Not that any attack has or will ever stop me from helping those suffering, those who need our help the most.” Lindsay Lohan has a busy schedule ahead of her and she is upset she cannot spend more time with her family over the festive season, revealing she will be sending them their gifts for Christmas. “I miss my family a lot,” she says. “But they are very supportive and understanding of the fact that my main focus is business, writing and soon to start another film. More so, my work with refugees.”Lindsay Lohan Apologizes to Her Fans for Social Media Rant

“I always love giving gifts,” she continues. “So yes, for family and friends, most definitely I will be sending gifts. For me, I know it sounds silly, but, I am OK. I like to live by the act of giving. In all honesty, I am good with no materialistic gifts.” Lindsay Lohan will stay in the Middle East for New Year’s Eve (31Dec16) and will ring in 2017 in Dubai. “It will be announced soon but I will be hosting New Year’s Eve at Zero Gravity in Dubai which I am very excited about,” she adds.

Source: tv3.ie

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