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Taylor Swift is a girl from Fairytales

Taylor Swift is a girl from Fairytales

Taylor Swift has been a quintessential fairytale character who dreams of love but fears heartbreaks.

The country singer, who has dated Taylor Lautner and pop star, Joe Jonas in the past admits she has a mixed up confusing view of love and sometimes gets hurt by her own excitement.

“At times I’ve been really guarded and careful and afraid to trust someone. But other times, I just want to jump in carelessly without thinking” she said.

“I’ve been careful in love. I’ve been careless in love. And I’ve had adventures I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

The 20 year old beauty also talked about what she looks for most in people is character, honesty and trust.

“In high school, I used to think it was ‘like sooooo cool’ if a guy had an awesome car. Now none of that matters. These days I look for character and honesty and trust.” she said.

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