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Jennifer Aniston with LiLo’s Ex

Jennifer Aniston with LiLo’s Ex

The mysterious man in Jennifer Aniston’s life is none other then Harry Morton, Lindsay Lohan’s ex boyfriend.

The 41 year old actress, who was previously involved with John Mayer, was seen at Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood last night enjoying an intimate dinner with a younger man who is LiLo’s ex boyfriend.

The two were apparently flirting and touching each other while looking at the photographs together.

Jennifer was acting like a nervous teenager on the first date, while twirling and twisting her hair she was laughing nervously at everything he said.

‘The Switch‘ actress also took the opportunity to primp by reapplying her lipstick, when her date left for washroom.

The couple left separately, Morton in his jeep while hiding his face and Aniston discreetly slipped out a back door to avoid the waiting paparazzi.

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