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Selena Gomez In ‘Hands to Myself’: Has Hot Sex With Chris Mason

Selena Gomez New Music Video

Look away Niall Horan, your lady Selena Gomez, 23, is getting it on with a gorgeous new man in her video for “Hands To Myself,” and we’re loving every minute of this sexy new Selly. She gave us some hints that  this would be her raciest video ever in a teaser trailer that dropped Dec. 18, but now that’s it’s finally here, we can’t get enough of Selena! Selena Gomez looks so hot, it’s criminal!  The gorgeous star surprised us with the new “Hands to Yourself” video, not once but twice! She shows plenty of flesh parading around a magnificent mansion in a sexy black bra and underwear, trying on a man’s clothes and taking a steamy bath.

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Selena Gomez New Video Hands to Myself

We see her keep her hands to herself  by sensually caressing her chest and body, while fantasizing about gorgeous model Christopher Mason. The two share tons of kisses and caressing in her mind while she watches him on a huge TV. The first surprise is when she falls asleep and wakes up to police arresting her! Um, Selly was totally stalking Chris, and apparently broke into his house. Or so we thought! After we watch her struggling with police and shoved in the back of a cop car, we discover that it’s all just a movie. Selena is cuddled up on the couch watching it with none other than breathtaking Chris himself. Talk about a roller coaster! Somebody give this gal an Oscar.

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Selena Gomez Sex With Chris Mason

We got some hints of what was to come back on Thanksgiving weekend when she was shooting the new video. We watched Selly do take after take of a scene where she gets arrested, handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car! Back then, in order to do makeup and costume adjustments, the lucky crew members got a big ol’ flash of the black bra she was wearing underneath her white men’s shirt but we saw plenty of that in her new video! No wonder she looked so comfortable on set, she spent most of the video in the bra! You can get Selena’s new album Revival by clicking here.

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Selena Gomez Pics

Selena has already released videos for her initial singles off Revival — “Good For You” in which she steamed things up naked in the shower, and “Same Old Love” where she bared plenty of cleavage. So we’re naturally thrilled at the arrival of “Hands To Myself” and Sel really outdid herself with her hottest video ever!

Selena Gomez in ‘Hands to Myself’: Has Hot Sex… by womenzmag


Source: Hollywoodlife

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