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Selena Gomez Arrested By Police On Set Of New Music Video

Police Arrested Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, 23, may be in big trouble. The “Same Old Love” singer was pictured getting arrested and thrown into the back of a police car while filming her latest music video in West Hollywood. See the outrageous pics here! In a video, which captured the shocking moment on camera, the singer shows off a black push-up bra as crew members adjust her shirt and fix her sleeves, Daily Mail reports. And she doesn’t seem shy about baring her cleavage to production members.Selena Gomez Arrested By Police

The only thing she wears over the bra is a man’s white shirt, but it’s completely unbuttoned. She then gets cuffed and was escorted by two police men to an awaiting vehicle. We’re not quite sure what Selena did to get arrested, but it was all for her latest music video, as Selena repeated the scene several times.Selena Gomez Arrested By Police On Set

“At one point, Selena had to fix her shirt and she unbuttoned it in front of everyone, showing off her black bra. Selena seemed to be in good spirits, was laughing and chatting with crew – very friendly to everyone,” and eyewitness told ET Online. Selena has already released videos for her initial singles off Revival (which you can buy here) — “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” — so we’re not quite sure what song this video was filmed for, however, we’re excited to find out!

Selena Gomez Arrested By Police On Set Of New… by womenzmag

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