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Sarah Jessica Parker Stuns by Re-Wearing Iconic Met Gala Gown on a Bodega Run

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker / Instagram

Carrie Bradshaw’s decision to don her Sex and the City wedding dress once again has caused quite a stir during the second season of And Just Like That… However, Sarah Jessica Parker, drawing inspiration from her character’s penchant for upcycled fashion, has embarked on a special project with Vogue.

The actress took to her Instagram feed to share a series of photos in which she rekindled her love for the Alexander McQueen dress she had worn at the “AngloMania” Met Gala back in 2006. Her appearance at the event alongside McQueen had left an indelible mark, as she had adorned a mesmerizing gown with a tartan sash, complementing a tulle dress adorned with a meticulously crafted corset.

In her Instagram post, SJP opted for a more casual approach, layering a slouchy and cozy-looking gray hoodie over the dress. While the attire may not have been suitable for a glamorous gala, she added a touch of sophistication by donning a pair of Dior shoes to complete her ensemble. With this unique combination, she embarked on a glam-grunge adventure to a local bodega, capturing the essence of her fashion exploration.

“Hello you. X, SJ,” she captioned the post, sharing a collection of behind-the-scenes glimpses from her feature and the filming of AJLT.

Parker spoke about the McQueen dress in a video for Vogue, saying that her time with the designer was very important to her and that she kept as much as she could from her fittings with him.

“I was in love with him,” she said in the video. “I have every pin he dropped from his mouth in my possession still. I have everything he cut off in my possession still. I have things that seem like nothing, from every fitting I did with him in my possession.”

She also spoke about how shy the late designer was, saying that she could see it looking back at photos of them together.

“What strikes me most about this photograph now, you can see where his shoulder ends and I begin, there’s overlap there,” she said of McQueen, who died in 2010. “What strikes me about this photograph is where our heads are, how careful I’m being … The shyer he was, the more shy I became. I see that in this.”

“It wasn’t a fun night. It was, but it wasn’t. Because I was so nervous. I just wanted him to be okay,” she finished. “He knew how I felt about him. There was so much affection and such a deep admiration and everybody loved him, because he was such a touching person.”

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