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Sad Nigella moves into Hideaway after Saatchi Files for Divorce

Sad Nigella

Sad NigellaAs volatile Charles Saatchi made his brutal announcement over the weekend that he was filing for divorce, his once-beloved wife, Nigella, was starting life afresh — moving her belongings into a stylish, if bohemian, new residence, I can reveal. Yesterday, a king-size mattress was carried into the house by two removal men, while over the weekend she ferried in various items, including an electric coffee maker and a deluxe toaster.

Nigella Lawson is renting a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in one of the less salubrious parts of central London: there’s a nearby launderette and a red-light area a stone’s throw away. Certainly, it’s nothing like the opulent Belgravia mansion she shared for many years with Saatchi or, indeed the £12 million house in Chelsea which the couple moved to more recently.

Much to the annoyance of neighbours, Saatchi spent several years — and millions — transforming a former mannequin warehouse off the King’s Road into a seven-bedroom family home: the kitchen alone cost the art guru a reported £500,000. Like her former marital home, Nigella’s new abode has a history. It dates from the early 19th century and was once used as a school and later as offices.

But despite the rather down-at-heel surroundings, the house is worth around £4million. Although relatively small, it boasts a cinema, a wine cellar and a state-of-the-art kitchen befitting a Domestic Goddess. ‘There’s a lot of glass and a wonderful bathroom in natural stone,’ says a neighbour who watched Nigella move in. It doesn’t have a garden but there is a small, sunny, secluded patio with an outdoor shower.

And should Nigella tire of her own rich cooking, she is near two restaurants: one, specialising in Middle East dishes, says it will be happy to deliver a take-away – but not this month because of Ramadan. Let’s hope she isn’t overlooked by the neighbours — unlike her Chelsea mansion where she failed to include a door to the bathroom and, as I revealed, could be seen by prying eyes.

Source: Dailymail

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