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Meghan Markle Skips Met Gala for Son’s Birthday, Author Shares Insights

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While the Met Gala dazzled with its array of celebrities, one notable absence was Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Despite the allure of the high-profile event, Meghan chose not to attend due to it coinciding with her son Prince Archie’s fifth birthday on May 6, 2024.

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have been known for their packed schedules. Just before Archie’s birthday, Harry was in England commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games, and the couple was preparing for an upcoming trip to Nigeria. However, they made sure to be in Montecito, California, for their son’s special day. According to The Mirror, Meghan declined the Met Gala invitation to celebrate Archie’s birthday, underscoring the importance she places on family moments.

Royal commentator and author Tom Quinn provided further insights into Meghan’s decision. He suggested that the Met Gala represented a significant opportunity for Meghan to garner attention for her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, which had been soft-launched in March 2024 with a preview involving strawberry jam sent to celebrity friends.

“Meghan was hugely tempted to go to the Met Gala,” Quinn stated. “She loves this kind of big, glitzy event, especially as it’s held to raise money for charity. And with the launch of her new online brand, she needs all the publicity she can get.”

Despite her affinity for celebrity-laden events and residing in Montecito among stars like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Meghan prioritizes her children’s experiences over public appearances. “The glamour associated with being a celebrity in the States has always been something Meghan can’t do without,” Quinn noted. “And an event such as the Met Gala is almost too tempting to resist.”

Nevertheless, Meghan opts for simplicity when celebrating her children’s birthdays, aiming to provide them with normalcy. “When it comes to her children’s birthdays,” Quinn remarked, “Meghan is almost obsessed with the idea that they should be quiet, very private affairs.” He described typical birthday activities including simple games, a birthday cake, and ice cream, reflecting Meghan’s desire for her children to enjoy ordinary life moments.

Archie’s birthdays, along with his sister Princess Lilibet’s, who will turn three on June 4, have been modest. Previous celebrations included a backyard party for Lilibet’s first birthday and a cozy gathering for one of Archie’s earlier birthdays, as featured in the documentary Harry & Meghan.

For Archie’s lively fifth birthday, games like tag were likely on the agenda, considering his energetic nature. The guest list probably included school friends, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, and their celebrity neighbors along with their children, like Perry, Bloom, and their daughter Daisy. This emphasis on intimate, family-oriented celebrations highlights the Duchess’s commitment to grounding her children in what she views as essential, down-to-earth values.

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