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Lindsay Lohan Avoids Police?

Lindsay Lohan Avoids Police

Lindsay Lohan not in a mood to face police and allegedly locked herself in her hotel room to evade talking to police The ‘Mean Girls’ star – is being charged for a attacking on Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron in Miami, Florida in the early hours of Friday (06.12.13). He was being attacked so brutally that it got resulted in him being hospitalized Lindsay Lohan reportedly stayed in her penthouse suite at the Shore Club hotel and refused to answer the police officers when they showed up to question her about the incident without a warrant.Lindsay Lohan AvoidsA source told the New York Post’s Page Six: “she was partying at Miami where her current boyfriend was also present and was telling Barron” what a nightmare she is “and how possibly can he break up with her. Barron sympathized with him, but Lindsay earwigged and was so annoyed he was ‘talking smack’ about her. She overreacted and ordered her friend to beat up Barron. In reaction to that Barron filed a police report naming Lindsay Lohan and his attacker,(her friend). Miami police are looking for them both. Barron’s face is a mess and he has been seen by a doctor. He is the victim and is really shaken up.”Lindsay Lohan PoliceLindsay was seen checking out of the hotel on “in a hurry” in spite of another partying goer supporting her claims that she had nothing to do with the attack.Saturday afternoon (07.12.13). the insider said that the guy was not told to Barron on his face Law enforcement sources also told gossip website TMZ.com that they have identified the man who hit Barron and are eager to hear his side of the story. The police officers attempted to interview that guy about the crime on Saturday but nobody was home.

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