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Freida Pinto proud to break Hollywood conventions

Freida Pinto proud to break Hollywood conventions

Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto says she is proud to have broken quintessential Hollywood girls as leading ladies in the films.

The 26-year-old actress may not be a typical blonde haired and blue eyed American girl but she sure is an Oscar star.

Talking about the typical Hollywood stuff Freida said, “Those other actresses have their own appeal and they bring whatever they bring to a film while I bring something  that I do not particularly feel has been explored much in Hollywood,”

The Mumbai-born actress has been cast by director Julian Schnabel to play the lead role in ‘Miral’, a film about a Palestinian girl. Pinto is glad that American filmmakers are now more acceptive of actors from other ethnicities like her.

She explained: “I strongly believe that I am actually breaking down cultural barriers. I find it very interesting these days that films are bringing in so many people of different ethnicities and I’m proud to be a part of that cultural shift,”


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