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Lady Gaga calls Astrologers over Tour Fears

Lady Gaga Fears

Lady Gaga FearsLady Gaga has to go for a world tour soon and she has started to fear after seeing that the stars are aligned in the wrong direction and that is why she has hired a team of Astrologers to guide her.

Lady Gaga had to go for a world tour soon and she started to fear the minute she found out that the stars were aligned in the wrong direction and her fears have caused her to hire a team of astrologers to guide her. Lady Gaga who is famously known as the Poker Face singer was going to leave for Born This Way Ball shows this month and the stars are saying that planet mercury is going retrograde which is a sign of bad luck and that is why Gaga is worried.

According to the astrologers this position of stars only happens thrice a year. They also say that it is happening between July 15 and August 8 which is right in the middle of Lady Gaga’s world tour. Lady Gaga is one of those who follow their horoscopes and takes them very seriously. Lady Gaga’s tickets sell out within minutes.

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