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Kristen Stewart’s tears at Coachella

Kristen Stewart Cried at Coachella

Kristen Stewarts Robert Pattinson at Coachella

STANDING at the front of a festival crowd is always likely to have its drawbacks, like being hit by a cup full of warm liquid making its way to the stage. But Kristen Stewart would probably have swapped her situation for one of those missiles after she and Robert Pattinson found themselves standing next to model Liberty Ross at JURASSIC 5’s Coachella gig at the weekend.

The Twilight stars were among the first to arrive at the side of the stage to watch the hip-hop group’s performance. But Kristen was mortified when the former wife of movie director Rupert Sanders, who she had a fling with last year, turned up. The model was at the music event with new boyfriend JIMMY IOVINE and his old pal BONO from U2.

Liberty Ross with U2s Bono

A source said: “Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her — and she still feels incredibly guilty. “She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves. “The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.”

Rob, on the other hand, was grinning like a Cheshire cat after sinking a pint with one of his idols — DAMON ALBARN. The actor met BLUR backstage at the festival and joined the group for a beer after their set. Rob had been keen to meet the band since he’d heard they were headlining the event. After chatting with Damon about British music, Rob invited him to a party that his pal was having offsite the following day.

Normally Rob’s pal Katy Perry, who joined them at the gig, could have been expected to make a beeline for his new friend. Damon ticks pretty much all the boxes for the pop star — credible musician with a British accent. But the singer is steering clear of anyone with a working knowledge of Tetley’s tea or guitar strings since her splits from JOHN MAYER and RUSSELL BRAND.

After Rob tried to introduce her to a pal from London at one of the after-parties, the pop star told him she was now going to look for a normal guy with a regular job. She’s clearly happy to befriend Brit girls, though. Katy was having the time of her life with PIXIE GELDOF and RITA ORA. – Thesun

Robert Pattinson

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