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Kristen Stewart leaves Breaking Dawn Premiere to jump in Jacket, Jeans and Trainers

Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Premiere in Jacket

She had looked every inch the Hollywood starlet, with a dazzling dress and sky-high heels as she arrived at Leicester Square for the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Kristen Stewart in Jacket, Jeans and Trainers

But it’s clear that Kristen Stewart detests dressing up and as soon as she could she slipped into her comfy clothes and trainers. The 22-year-old actress wore a pair of baggy jeans, a scruffy vest and a brown jacket to exit the cinema following the performance. She looked a world away from the glamorous girl who had arrived at the venue just a couple of hours earlier. While Kirsten decided to change, her boyfriend Robert was still looking smart in his Burberry suit as he made his exit.

Kristen Jacket words God Loves Ugly at Breaking Dawn premiere

And while the pair had been seen looking extremely amorous together on the red carpet, after the film Kristen looked like she just wanted to get back to her hotel. While Rob still had a smile across his face it appeared that Kristen was not in the mood to mingle anymore. Before the screening the British actor had told 6,000 fans that the series had ‘changed everything’ about his life. He said: ‘For me it’s changed everything about my life. I don’t even think I’d be acting if I wasn’t doing this, or if I hadn’t done the first one. It’s crazy. The character and the whole experience combined for me.’

‘It’s definitely really created something which connects to people on a very fundamental level, it’s like primal.’ Kristen also said a few words earlier in the evening and described the end of the series as ‘a trip’. She said: ‘This is weird, right? I don’t know. I’m so happy that every single bit of the story is done.’ ‘Usually we’re at one of these premieres going, I don’t know, you can’t really feel it because you’re not done. You’re a little desensitised by it all because you have another one coming up. This time it’s a trip, it is weird. Sometimes things don’t hit you until you hear about them after.’

Kristen Stewart also revealed that it would have been ‘painful’ if the series, based on Stephenie Meyer’s books, had not been finished. ‘I feel very happy that we got to end it at the end. If we hadn’t been able to finish the series, it would have been utterly painful for all three of us. At this point, everything is out, the stories have been told, I’m so proud of everyone I can’t even tell you. I feel pretty good.’ Amid rumours that the film franchise may extend further, Stewart did not rule out reprising her role. Asked if she would be involved in any future Twilight films, she said: ‘Yeah. I can’t imagine it but yeah of course.’ – Dailymail

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