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Katie Holmes: Concentrate on Work of Director Not Gender

katie holmes

Actress Katie Holmes says people should focus more on the work a filmmaker is doing rather than the gender. The 37-year-old actress is making her directorial debut with “All We Had,” an adaptation of Annie Weatherwax’s popular novel. “You need to concentrate on the work of the person rather than the gender. If you’re nervous about it, then figure out what you’re nervous about exactly and fix that,” Holmes said.Katie Holmes Concentrate on Work of Director Not Gender

The actress, who is also playing the role of Rita, a drug and alcohol addict and homeless mother to a young teen in the film, said she admires women filmmakers including Jodie Foster and Sarah Polley, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I look up to Jodie Foster. Also, Sarah Polley, we did ‘Go’ together so many years ago. And Reed Morano, she’s an amazing DP and has something new coming. I’m excited, there’s a lot of great stuff happening,” she said. “All We Had” premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

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