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Josie Cunningham Has Launched Sex Website Encouraging Young Girls to Get Pregnant

Josie Cunningham Sex Website

Publicity-mad Josie Cunningham has launched a website encouraging young girls to get pregnant and scrounge off the state like she does. Yes, really!! The mum-of-three has helped create a website where desperate women can meet men and arrange seedy unprotected sex sessions with the aim of getting pregnant. Josie told the Sun:[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Josie Cunningham Launched Sex Website Encouraging Young Girls

“People will think I’m promoting unprotected sex so women can get pregnant, bag themselves a council house and have a life on benefits. “But it’s really no different to what many girls have one night stands for on a Saturday night. “Parents gain more points in many councils’ scoring systems do having a child definitely helps.” Josie last night revealed she will drop the bombshell of parenthood on her baby’s dad in a Christmas card.

Josie sent off DNA tests to find out which of three possible men is really three-month-old daughter Grace’s dad. And when the results come back in two weeks she will post them to all three men in cheery festive cards on Christmas Eve. This is the latest in a series of revelations from publicity-mad Josie who sparked controversy when she first boasted of a boob job on the NHS, then threatened to abort her baby to star in Big Brother.

She said: “How to tell all three men has been a really hard decision but, as it’s Christmas I thought it would be a really nice surprise for Grace’s dad to find out on Christmas Day. “I have arranged for one of my friends to put cards through all three of their front doors late Christmas Eve. “I will photocopy the results then staple them inside a card. I will also change my mobile number at the same time and only the father’s card will have my new number inside. “I feel that who ever the father is, he should be pleased that he has had such a beautiful daughter with me.”

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