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Jennifer Lawrence Apologizes for “Brain Fart” During Oscars Acceptance Speech

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Speech

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars SpeechDo-over! Jennifer Lawrence endeared herself to both fans and fellow celebs when she tripped on her way to accept the Best Actress award at the Feb. 24 Oscars, but in her ensuing embarrassment and excitement, she left out two VIPs from her acceptance speech. In an attempt to rectify the mistake, the 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star issued an addendum to her thank yous from the night before — and it’s just as charming as you’d expect.

“In the whirlwind of last night, I was remiss to thank two incredibly important people to this film and in my life,” the Academy Award winner said in a statement to media, referring to director David O. Russell and producer Harvey Weinstein. She then went on to express her gratitude to each of them individually.

David. O Russell: Thank you for the most incredible experience of my life. Thank you for your genius, for your guidance, for teaching me things about myself and nurturing me to be a better actor,” she gushed. “You have so much passion and such a bleeding heart, you believe not only in your films but what your films can do for people, and that is the most important thing that I have learned from you.”

Then, addressing Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company, Jennifer Lawrence added: “You championed this movie and its story from early days. Your passion and unyielding support gave this film the opportunity to thrive and touch so many people.”

“I will never be able to forgive myself for such a brain fart, but I hope that you both can,” she concluded of her minor gaffe. “Obviously it was not on purpose, I couldn’t remember what I had already said and my mind went completely blank — your brain does funny things during the most overwhelming moment of your life!”

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