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Cheryl Cole debuts new HUGE back Tattoo

Cheryl Cole debuts new HUGE back Tattoo

Cheryl Cole revealed a startling new ‘tramp stamp’ tattoo on the first night of the Girls Aloud Ten Tour – a pair of entwined red roses on her back. The brunette, who has an array of body art, showed off the intricate new etching in a variety of sexy outfits onstage on Thursday – including a white ballerina outfit and a clinging bodice.

Cheryl Cole TattooThe 29-year-old joined Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding for the first night of their Ten Tour in Newcastle.

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The singer is known for revealing her body art through her music – she previously unveiled her ninth tattoo, barbed wire around her leg during the music video for Call My Name. Her new body art, her tenth tattoo, covers a previous butterfly etching a sprawling the base of her back which was far less intricate and took 11 hours to complete. Cheryl has previously shown off a tattoo on her left bottom cheek and the new body art appears to stem from her old design. During the concert Cheryl  fought back tears as she spoke to the crowd in her hometown Newcastle.

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She said: “There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be right now. Thank you so much for all your support. She has previously unveiled tattoos including a tribal design on her hand, a barbed wire design around her right thigh, as well as the words Mrs C on the back of her neck.  While Nicola and Kimberley were dressed in gold designs, Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah had on silver versions of the ensembles. The band, who found fame on Popstars: The Rivals a decade ago performed their old hits as well as some new material recorded for their anniversary.

The Promise, Jump and The Show were all on the set list and the girls finished off the performance with a rendition of I’ll Stand By You. Audience members said that as the show came to a close Cheryl and Kimberley shared a tender hug together as they celebrated a successful first night. It was an emotional act for the band’s supporting act, former X Factor star Amelia Lily.

She tweeted: ‘4 years ago I went to see @GirlsAloud on their promise tour at metro radio arena. 4 years later I’m opening for them on their Ten tour. #wow.’ The girls 1hr 40min show was emotional for all the girls, Sarah struggled with tears during the encore and gushed: ‘I’m getting emotional.’ While Kimberley, who showed off her post Strictly figure during the gruelling routines added: ‘There’s been a lot of memories over the past ten years and a lot of history.

Two years ago Cheryl talked about how addictive tattoos were. She said: ‘If it was up to me – and I could be brave for one day – I would have my whole back done. My friends say “Cheryl, please, you might regret it” – but to me, it’s art.’ Her other tattoos include a barbed wire marking on her right thigh and a Polynesian tribal sign on her hand She also has a tattoo snaking up from her left thigh to her bottom. – Dailymail

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