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Cara Delevingne an Exciting Newcomers is All Set For New Role

Cara Delevingne Exciting

Cara is all set to experience one of the most important role of her life and  she is up for  getting in there where she always wanted to.  The actress arrived in Italy last night to prepare for the most important role of her career so far She joined Daniel Bruhl, the star of Rush  and Kate Beckinsale in Siena for a read-through of director Michael Winterbottom’s film The Face Of An Angel Cara Delevingne has already made her name  in fashion and because of her charming gate , she has had small roles in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina and Kids In Love, which she shot in London in the late summer.Cara Delevingne ExcitingBut The Face Of An Angel is her biggest role so far, and acting is a vocation she wants to take seriously. She told me she enjoys the discipline of her new profession so much she even likes going to auditions Cara plays a role by the name Melanie, who is  a young Englishwoman whom she described as ‘aself-regulating spirited girl’. ‘The idea I had of her is that she’s like me and a lot of my friends who are 21 and travelling around Europe,’ she said.

Melanie meets a filmmaker, Thomas (played by Bruhl),  a man who is going through troublesome mid-life crisis as he prepares to make a picture about the murder of a British student in Tuscany. Thomas is working alongside Simone (Beckinsale) when he meets  Melanie in a bar Xara said: There’s something about her that enthralls him,’.It’s very innocent. He’s missing his daughter, and he’s taken by her.’

Melaniesaid : Funnily enough, I am taking an Italian cultural course, that’s what I’d love to do, and this part is a perfect excuse to learn Italian. I’ve picked up very little as I am in a learning stage, but I’d like to learn more.’for me Even if the scripts aren’t very good , I am being honest  this is how you learn. ‘It’s all a good experience,’ she said.

Cara said she looks up to actors such as  Judi Dench, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cate Blanchett, and is looking forward to working with Bruhl and Beckinsale Director Winterbottom said: ‘As you can see, Cara’s full of energy, and she’s picture-perfect actress to play this  part of someone who has all the possibilities of life: innocence, beauty, truth and joy.

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