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Brad Pitt Doesn’t Love Angelina… Staying for Kids; Says Pitt Psychic

brad pitt and angelina jolie

There’s trouble in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s paradise according to Pitt’s psychic Ron Bard. This psychic, apparently, have foreseen their relationship. Oh, really? Ron Bard insists the actor feels ‘boxed in’ but will not leave her for the sake of their six children – and because it would harm his image. That shouldn’t be a problem considering he had numerous flings and is already divorced.Angelina Jolie and Brad PittThis report comes from Daily Mail who has earlier been reprimanded in an open letter by Pitt’s friend George Clooney for published false stories. Brad the psychic has many other claims. He believes Pitt has already secretly married Miss Jolie, 39, and the couple will have another three children. He also insists that the 50-year-old actor is still in love with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston 45. By the way, Pitt was introduced to the psychic by Miss Aniston in 2004.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt KidsMr Bard, 54, claims he told the actor in 2005 he would meet someone who would ‘change your whole life’ while filming Mr & Mrs Smith. As if the chemistry between the two was not evident to their friends and entire cast and crew. But asked whether the couple is still in love, Mr Bard said: ‘At the end of the day, whether [Pitt is] in love or he’s not in love is not the question. The question is he’s a man who made a commitment to six children and he’s keeping his commitment to those six children.Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston‘Whether he loves her or not, [that’s] another story. Brad Pitt the type of guy who finds his happiness within his own soul. He does what he thinks right – he’s a man’s man. ‘I think [Miss Jolie is] very clever, I think she’s boxed him in, but he doesn’t care about that because I think he loves the children more than the relationship. Pitt and Miss Jolie announced their engagement in 2012. The pair have not announced wedding plans but Mr Bard believes the ceremony may have been carried out in secret – or if not, it will be ‘pretty soon, in the next few months’.

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