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Arnold Schwarzenegger: I Had Other Affairs

Arnold Schwarzenegger Another Affair

Arnold Schwarzenegger Another AffairBad boy Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘fessed up on 60 Minutes last night that he had a number of affairs while he was married to Maria Shriver. He reveals in his new book that he had a “hot” fling with Brigitte Nielsen. “I did feel bad about it,” he told Lesley Stahl. “But all of my various different things, they were mistakes. This is my failure.” He admitted to having “other” affairs, but didn’t reveal details, explaining: “It’s something that’s obviously between Maria and me.” Stahl asked: “So it’s a recurring thing with you?” and the Terminator replied: “I’m not perfect.”

He called his affair with the family housekeeper—which produced a son and led to the breakup of his marriage—“the stupidest thing I’ve done. I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids.” The “thing that really meant the most to me kinda fell apart because of my doing,” he added. “That is something that I will always look back and say, ‘How could you have done that?’” Shriver hasn’t yet read the book, but the extremely optimistic Schwarzenegger believes that “Maria is, you know, wishing me well with everything that I do.” – Newser

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