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Sexiest Female Farmer of the Britain



sexy_farmer25-year-old, Anna Simpson is now ranked as the sexiest female farmer of the country.  The blonde lady from Yorkshire has been designated as the most gorgeous female farmer of the Britain.
Anna Simpson participated in a challenging competition of the UK and achieved the title of sexiest female farmer of the country. The competition was also presented by Farmers Weekly magazine. Anna Simpson also revealed the secrets of her smartness. She is successfully maintaining her smart figure by working on the fields & driving tractors, etc. The sexiest female farmer also persuades animals to mate at the family farm in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. She spends her working routine on Windy Hill Farm training animals like sheep dogs.
Anna Simpson beat hundreds of competitors to be crowned as the attractive & sexiest female farmer in the country. In this way she break the old customary image of the farmer scruffily dress etc, and build a modern one. This new traditions also brings hopes & smiles to the youngsters working in the agriculture industry.

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