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Ben Affleck blasts Jennifer Lopez: ‘You’ve let me down’

Ben Affleck

Since their reunion in 2021, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck haven’t had it easy, and things are going to become increasingly more difficult for them.

Fans criticized the singer’s choice to introduce a new line of drinks last week, calling it “disappointing” and a “tacky money grab” despite the fact that her spouse is an alcoholic.

According to insiders close to the actor, J-Lo’s lack of sensitivity has him just as furious as J-Lo. “A lot of people think this is in very bad taste,” a source close to the couple, who wed this summer after postponing their wedding in 2003, said.

Ben works hard to maintain his sobriety and has challenging days like any recovering alcoholic. He would rather there was no alcohol at all in the home, but he is forced to watch Jen labor on this task. Everything seems out of place.

The secret is out Jen, 53, captioned a video she posted last week of herself sipping one of her three new drinks. The Jenny From The Block singer said in an interview about the launch, which has been planned for two years, “I adore having parties at my place. I always start the table dancing first.

She went on to explain how her spouse served as the design inspiration, stating, “On the actual bottle, I put two lions – Ben and I are both Leos.”

It’s a strange decision since the Oscar winner has frequented treatment over the years and recently said, “It took me a long time to fundamentally, deeply, without a hint of doubt, admit to myself that I am an alcoholic.” Fans were not pleased, particularly because Jen had previously said, “I don’t drink, smoke, or have caffeine.”

Someone said, “I thought you didn’t drink?” While another person said, “Super-disappointed and confused.”

“You are married to a man who struggles with alcohol addiction,” several people said in reference to Ben. One more shouted, “Her husband is recovering… One person said, “Seems like a tacky money grab,” while another said, “Not the best way to support a sober husband.”

However, according to those close to the mother of two, Jen doesn’t see the issue. She finds nothing wrong with just lending her name to a commercially viable product. Ben has so far shown incredible restraint, but he can’t help but feel disappointed when he sees his wife advocating for something that almost cost him his life.

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